Abraham Lincoln Institute, Inc.

Abraham Lincoln Institute Scholarship Award

The Abraham Lincoln Institute’s competition for dissertation grants for graduate students working on Lincoln-centered topics in American history.

The Abraham Lincoln Institute is now accepting applications for a new travel grant of $500.00 for graduate students working on topics in which the Lincoln administration was involved, including political history, social history, economic history, military history, diplomatic history, and the history of emancipation. Students must be full-time Ph.D. candidates in good standing at accredited institutions. Applicants should submit a three-to-five page letter describing the project; a vita; a proposed budget for the use of these funds; and a letter of support from a member of the student’s dissertation committee. The deadline is October 2, 2023.

Applicants should send this information to Professor Joan E. Cashin, the chair of the committee, Mr. Scott Schroeder, and Professor Diana Schaub. The winner must write a report within one year of receipt on how the funds were used.