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Ninth Annual Symposium

Abraham Lincoln Institute, Inc. (ALI), provides free, ongoing education on the life, career, and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., ALI offers resources for educators, governmental and community leaders, and the general public through symposia, seminars, lectures, and special events.

National Archives II
College Park, Maryland

March 25, 2006

Sponsored by the Abraham Lincoln Institute of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc.

Author Elizabeth Smith Brownstein › Lincoln’s Other White House

If This House Could Talk. Historic Homes, Extraordinary Americans
Lincoln’s Other White House: The Untold Story of the Man and His Presidency (2003)

Professor Daniel Farber, J.D. › Lincoln’s Constitution

Sho Sato Professor, School of Law, University of California, Berkeley

Publications: Lincoln’s Constitution

Professor Barry Schwartz › Transfiguration: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil Rights Movement

Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Georgia

Abraham Lincoln and the Forge of National Memory – Winner, Lincoln Prize, 1998
Lincoln’s Last Months (2003)

Author Joshua Wolf Shenk › Lincoln’s Melancholy

Time Magazine, cover story, “Abraham Lincoln,” July 4, 2005
Lincoln’s Melancholy: How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled his Greatness (2005)

Professor Richard Striner › Lincoln, Race, and Moral Strategy

Department of History, Washington College

Key Publications: Father Abraham: Lincoln’s Relentless Struggle to End Slavery (2006)