Abraham Lincoln Institute, Inc.

Sixth Annual Symposium - March 22, 2003

"The Latest in Lincoln Scholarship"

The 2003 Symposium was held at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.


emmancipation proclamation Popular copy of the
Emancipation Proclamation.


Thomas P. Lowry

"Lincoln vs. Davis: Who Was More Compassionate?"

Jennifer Fleischner

"Mary Todd Lincoln and Her Black Confidante Elizabeth Keckley"

Allen C. Guelzo

"Understanding Emancipation: Lincoln's Proclamation and the End of Slavery"

Lucas Morel

"Frederick Douglass's Emancipation of Abraham Lincoln"

Geoffrey Perret

"Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief"

Third Annual Hay-Nicolay Dissertation Prize Presentation

Sixth Annual Abraham Lincoln Institute Book Award Prize Presentation